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Queensland Novice Champion 2016 McNamaras Scotty - Widgee 2016

Queensland Dog of the Year 2012/13

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Open Dog of the Year

PlacingHandlerDog's NameTotal Points
1Paul WroeBorilla Creek Socksy58.10
2Glenn DicksonChelbrook Digby35.80
3Paul WroeSweetmillar Gary29.15
4Paul WroeNatel Mandy28.80
5Barrie HughesElectra Tess26.35
6Stan DunkleyGlenview Prime Mover26.15
7Paul WroeCardelli Megs25.10
8Robert JohnstonShady Acres Pattie24.90
9Ray WhitneyFanning River Moss
10Stan DunkleyMt Barlow Marie24.10

Novice Dog of the Year

PlacingHandlerDog's NameTotal Points
1Glenn DicksonChelbrook Digby50.90
2Paul WroeBrutonvale Jatz39.60
3Glenn DicksonChelbrook Bomber39.10
4Stan DunkleyGlenview Prime Mover36.05
5Paul WroeBrutonvale Flat34.60
6Glenn DicksonChelbrook Becky33.21
7Barrie HughesElectra Mozzie30.20
8Ray WhitneyMurrayvale Bob26.53
9Glenn DicksonChelbrook Millie25.18
10Alasdair McDougallShipmans Ben25.00

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Congratulations to:

Paul Wroe and Natel Tip - 2016-17 Queenland Open Dog of the Year

Steve Skewes and McNamaras Scotty - 2016-17 Queensland Novice Dog of the Year

Australian Champions 2017

Open Champions - Isaac Hotz and Jacksons Sister

Novice Champions - Kevin Bell and Munns Claire

Maiden Champions - Steve Skewes and Warrie Glen Molly


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