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Queensland Novice Champion 2016 McNamaras Scotty - Widgee 2016

Dog of the Year (DOTY)

Queensland Dog of the Year points accumulate for placings from 1st to 6th in the Open and Novice at all affiliated trials.  The Dog of the Year competitions runs from 1st July to 30th June each year.  Before 2013/14, the competition ran from 1st June to 31st May each year.  

Progressive Dog of the Year points are updated after each Queensland affiliated trial and are available on our Trial Results Page.

Dog of the Year Results

Select the year of interest below to view the placings and working dog pedigrees:

Australian Dog of the Year

An accumulation of points for working dogs competing in both NSW and QLD trials:

2019/2020 - Paul Wroe - Jacksons Silver

2018/2019 - Paul Wroe - Brutonvale Sport

2017/2018 - Robert Johnston - Shady Acres Tania

2016/2017 - Robert Johnston - Shady Acres Jimmy

2015/2016 - Robert Johnston - Shady Acres Jimmy

2014/2015 - Jamie Sturrock - Swan Spud 

2013/2014 - Ben Gould - Riverside Jake 

2012/2013 - Robert Johnston - Shady Acres Pattie 

2011/2012 - Paul Wroe - Natel Ruby 

2010/2011 - Jamie Sturrock - Swan Spud

2009/2010 - Paul Wroe - Sweetmillar Gary

2008/2009 - Dick Chapman - Dunbible Creek Nugget